I had so much fun drawing Kankri and I actually don’t know why (maybe because he is a cutie)

Yeah, I have been lazy these days so here, have a Jake English fanart

Hello! I will be participating on a Kagepro-themed fanzine for the “Saló del Manga” of Barcelona. I have to do a kind-of-a comic about Shounen Brave (and maybe Dead and Seek if I have time) so I will be VERY busy. Sorry if I don’t upload lately a lot of drawings ;;

So here you have the cover of the comic!

So today 3 new Megas were leaked and my friend Nsuprem did this super cool Mega Lopunny drawing and wow I really liked it so I decided to color it on my style and here it is! I think this is something like a Collab haha

I didn’t know what you meant with “manly Seto” so I just drew a kind-of-summery-Seto haha

Thanks for requesting, anon!

Here you have a drawing of your friendly neighborhood serial killer, anon!

And thanks for requesting!!

It happened at around 12:30 pm on August 15.
The weather was nice.

Aaah I had a lot of fun drawing this one, and I have a lot of versions of this drawing so I will prob upload them another day!

I’m back!

I’m going on a trip today so I won’t continue with the requests until I come back because I won’t have any computer or Wi-Fi so…
But I will try to do all the requests that I have to do once I get home so don’t worry! haha